1Day Update - Mid 2012

DalekKing a posted Nov 29, 11


HoN 2012:

The first half of 2012 has proved to be a difficult challenge for 1Day's HoN teams. Early on in the year, there was much involvement and activity from clan members, sparking interest for three individual teams. However, from all of the confusion, only one team was able to emerge from the rubble (Team 1).

Team 1 journeyed forth into the Cybergamer Invitational League (CGi), the most competitive league 1Day has ever been involved in. With a strong line up, 1Day was able to compete very well against Australia's top Heroes of Newerth teams. Midway during the CGi season, the departure of Kvx led to a series of losses. 1Day managed to come 5th overall in the competition, a step up from what former 1Day teams had achieved but the team wanted to strive further.

While a few team issues arose after the CGi season finished, the whole team got back together for the DreamHoN Winter event. A spectacular performance by the entire team pushed the team to greater heights. Only one oceanic team would make in through the qualifying rounds, which would be Frenetic Array (Now known as TTesports). 1Day was able to come second in the oceanic region, beating all noteworthy teams other than Frenetic Array that entered DreamHoN Oceanic.

Since then, Team 1 has turned its sights to the international HoN scene. Most recently, Team 1 competed in DreamHoN Summer. This event is the biggest HoN event to date with over 250 teams competing. Team 1 made to the round of 32 where they were knocked out by the South American team, Dynasty. The only Australian team that progressed beyond the round of 32 was TTesports.

While many players in 1Day are no longer playing competitively, most members are still active on teamspeak as well as playing socially. With this, 1Day continues to maintain its reputation as being one of the more likeable and respectable clans within the Australian HoN community.

1Day has improved its skill base immensely, with all players playing better than ever before. The introduction of the new lock pick mode has motivated Team 1 to draft new strategies and use a diversified range of heroes. 1Day Team 1 is currently competing in CGo (as CGi is in off season) and actively looking for casual scrims.

Cheers, Angel Advcate

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